Welcome to the Union Arena Skating Club (UASC).  We were founded in 2004 as the home skating club of the Union Arena Community Center in Woodstock, Vermont and serve all levels of skaters in the Upper Valley and beyond.  The UASC has programs in two and a quarter sessions which run from October through to March.

The UASC is committed to making everyone’s experience
as positive and rewarding as possible.

The UASC is firmly rooted in the belief that all skaters should have an experience that builds self esteem and confidence while developing lifelong skating skills.

The qualities strengthened by skating are personal as well physical.  The UASC Board, Skating Director and coaching staff value what each skater brings to the ice and guide each skater toward individual accomplishment and mastery of new skills.  Your support from home allows you child to maximize the learning experience provided by skating.